Code R.U.B.I.K. Free Download

Code R.U.B.I.K. Free Download PC Game Cracked, shared by Original-Games. Code R.U.B.I.K. – In this 2D Rubic cube-like world, deploy, move, plan, and collect as much energy as possible, before your turns burn out.


Game Overview

 DEVELOPER: Egg Fried Rice

 PUBLISHER: Egg Fried Rice

 RELEASE DATE: 12 Jan, 2023

 GENRE: Strategy, Casual, Management

Code R.U.B.I.K. Free Download

Welcome to Round-and-Units-Based Intelligent Kits, trainee supervisor!

This time you are tasked to help a simulated company to find ways to maximize income (or, energy). Deploy and move units, choose proper commands and policy, and do whatever else to expand the company, and collect as much income as possible before turns burn out. Remember, put the right units into right cells, and there will be income. It’s just that easy.

Key features:

2D Rubik Cube-like map: Units only moves in columns or rows, so plan your every single move carefully.

Race with time: earn energy to expand, expand to earn more turns, and spend turns to earn more energy, before the inevitable end.

Randomized strategy: the cells reshuffle every turn! So every turn is a brand new challenge to you. Exploit units, commands and policies properly, because every move counts.

Code R.U.B.I.K. Torrent Download

Unlock new features: expand or finish certain challenges to unlock new unit, new commands, new policies, and even more!

Are you ready?

Note: Please be aware that no life faces life danger in the simulation.


Attachment-A List of all units (click to view)

Attachment-B List of all commands (click to view)

Attachment-C List of all policies (click to hide)

Attachment C-1

Ship: Regular Pentahedron (Call Sign NRPS001)

Crew: 4

Departure Port: Outpost Station 3, Space Colonization Authority of E.C.S.T.A.S.Y.

Load: Experimental Space Capsule Assemblies

Mission: Various Sample Collection

Logbook D -3day 10:00 AM Navigator

The Regular Pentahedron is hovering over the waters. Heading to our predetermined so-called target, at the speed of 1% millilightknot. Estimated arrival time: 15 hours. We have 77.5% energy left. All crew stable and well.

Code R.U.B.I.K. PC Crack

Download Links:

Download HERE

Download HERE

Installation Guide:

1. Download/Extract/Install.

2. Crack if needed(put the crack into the game folder).

3. Play the game.

4. Have fun ^^.

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System Requirement


  • Storage: 415 MB available space


  • Storage: 415 MB available space

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